Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall protrait

Few years ago I was experiencing life on my own far away from family and friends in Canada. 
Fall, my favorite season, was finally there. I felt like drawing a little portrait of myself walking down park alleys in a comfy, comforting outfit looking forward to what surprise this country was getting ready for me.  Last year it felt right to draw the same thing excepted I was then looking back on my experience on the other side of the ocean. And what of this year? Well, yet another year has past, my hair went from butt-long to cheeks-long and even though futur is still quite a mysterious thing to me, I now can say I'm real happy right where I am. 
Lucky me!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Cloudy - Process

This little cloud lady was made with water color and pencils. I've wanted to play around with softer color for a while and this illustration was a fun way to explore and test things!
She look a lot like a cloudy version of another of my illustration: "Moon". 

Thursday, May 16, 2019


A late post about the beginning of 2019.

Starting with frost and well deserved comforting warm snack.
Followed closely by the pleasure of snowy morning and long walk in the wood fogged by that etheral feeling a slim layer of snow can bring to any landscape. February is always a bit though on the mood, short days, low light, grey sky... A great combo to feel pulled down. Obviously a good ol' colorful breakfast is quite a great spell to ward off moodiness.
When finally March arrive and flowers starts to bloom all over the place, it's a tad too late; the moodiness has set it's flag upon your back and you gotta cast some more shinny breakfast spells and walks in the flowers before it finally accept to leave you alone until next winter.

Weird thing in all of that? 
I always miss the winter once it's gone.


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Lurking at my desk

Tips and trick to stay focus as your work.

I am a big fan of the creative set up. I do think that keeping small trinkets and drawings around your work space help  lot with keeping your creativity running. I thought I'd share some here today.
Plants - Green is a great way to keep myself relaxed and somehow focused.
Therefore I have a personal small garden around my working space.
Lino - This little crow and cute Squirrel are two engraving I made during my free time.
Just for myself and my own pleasure. They help me to keep in sight that pleasure and free-time is NOT a luxury, but and necessity to feel balanced and keep being creative.
The Placebo Glasses - As a young studying adult I had a VERY hard time to keep focus for a long time. The glasses somehow turned into a placebo tool: They have no glass but as soon as I put them atop my nose I suddenly feel much more efficient at staying focus. It works for me so why should I stop myself from looking silly when I'm working alone at my desk?
Various trinkets - Such as a toy squirrel from my childhood.
An Infinity cube from a Rembrandt exhibition I saw as a kid and which left me a HUGE impression
A mermaid glass from a friend or just a cute IKEA cardboard drawer shelf with silly canine drawing.
Linked to memories of good time, or just inspiring in themselves, all those things help me when I loose focus and start gazing away.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018



In Polish, November literally means: "the month of the fall of the leaves".
I don't know much of Polish to be honest, but whenever I hear new things, I can't help loving how poetic that language can be.

As much as October was is the bright yellow month, the days of walk with big scarves and layered sweaters. November is the dark and silent month, with the daylight saving and the rainy long days.

I used to feel depressed in November, but as I grew wiser and older I started seeing the beauty of it all. The dark yet colorfull forest. The peace brought by all that silence, the endless rain and the frozen mornings .

Monday, December 11, 2017


Since I tend draw very basic background, and since I want to become more efficient at digital painting, I started to draw lots of ungly digital Background.
I'm sharing this one with you because I actually like it very much. The over all atmosphere, the details, the colors and the light. Yup the naration in this one make me proud! I'd try to make more of those in the future... Maybe I could try to developpe a bunch of BGs for my personal project... Two birds in one stone! ( I don't hit birds with stones, it's just an expression).

Friday, December 8, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Second Batch





I actually drew 44 inktober this yeat ( kind kept going for a bit in November). Some I like less , Some I like more, but i'm pretty happy with the overall result! If you want to see the other, they are all on my FaceBook Pages.